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South Dublin County Volunteer Corps – matching volunteers with 100’s of events in South Dublin County

The Corps was initially set up to respond to various extreme weather events as well as responding to calls for large groups of people to volunteer at community events such as concerts, environmental events, sporting events and community events.

Currently, our mission is to provide large groups of volunteers to help at events in the county.  Roles may include community clean-ups, tree-planting, stewarding, crowd control, plus much more.

Much of the work will be outdoor and include some physical activity so volunteers will be expected to bear this in mind when volunteering to be part of the corps.

Local not-for-profit organisations in South Dublin County will apply to the Corps Central Office (in the volunteer centre) for the services of the Volunteer Corps. Once it has been established that the project has the necessary supports (including clear volunteering roles, insurance, co-ordinator), then the Volunteer Corps members will be contacted (by text and email) to inform them of an upcoming event.

Once they indicate their availability and willingness to participate, they will be informed of the venue, contact person, roles and times etc…

We volunteer at 

FestivalsLocal FairsSporting eventsCommunity GatheringsOnce off events

Who runs the corps?

The South Dublin County Volunteer Corps is a joint project of South Dublin County Volunteer Centre and South Dublin County Council.

 Both organisations have equal responsibility for the Corps – however, individual work is divided between both partners to ensure the smooth running of the Corps.

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south dublin county council


  • Design and development of initial volunteer corps logo.
  • Provide administrative back up to Volunteer Corps when necessary.
  • Support the financial outlays of the Corps and agree an annual budget within resources
  • Promotion of the volunteer corps to groups and organisations within the county
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south dublin volunteer centre


  • The Overall administration of the project including all communications with the Corps.
  • Are Main administrators of Corps Database
  • Administrators of Corps web presence including social media promotional tools
  • Direct line managers of volunteers involved with the Corps.
  • Responsible for initial reference checks of volunteers and other screening when necessary.
  • Main contact for all projects involving the Corps
  • Responsible for identifying and signing off on projects that will involve the Corps
  • Recruitment of staff to work to work on project where funding is available
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