The South Dublin County Volunteer Corps is a project being run jointly by South Dublin County Council and South Dublin County Volunteer Centre. Set up in 2009, it was the first event volunteering program in Ireland and facilitates volunteers to participate in once off events in the county. You can join the Corps by click on the register for the corps button or contact us (086) 189 3485‬ for more information.

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Event volunteering in South Dublin County

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Be part of something great in your local community.  Volunteer with like minded people. Make new friends.  Give back on an occasional basis.  Make a real difference in your community.

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Event volunteering at once off events in south dublin county

Led by South Dublin County Volunteer Centre and South Dublin County Council, the South Dublin County Volunteer Corps is a unique, volunteer led movement of citizens of the county who make themselves available to volunteer at various events and/or emergencies in the county. The volunteer corps primarily participate in large community activities such as parades, festivals, sporting events. You can register an interest in the volunteer corps by clicking here. We will contact you with more information about the Corps and details of upcoming induction events. Being a member of the Corps involves committing to a minimum of 1 event in a year! If you are an organisation you can request the Corps to help out with your event. Once we’ve established that you meet certain criteria i.e a not for profit organisation, we will inform the Volunteer Corps members of your event and organise for them to be there to help you on the day.

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