Volunteer Stories

Hear from some of our existing volunteers on their experience with the corps

Bernard Murphy

I have spent most of my adult life volunteering for many organisations. I can safely say that they have been varied and interesting. I have found that the more you put into volunteering, the more you get in return. I have learned many skills. met many interesting people and enjoyed each and every opportunity that came my way

I have been involved with South Dublin Volunteer Corps now for just over 18 months and have found it an ideal way to volunteer. You commit to events wherever and whenever suits you with no pressure. There is excellent support from the office and always a follow up after each event. It is a great way to volunteer no matter how little or how much time you have.

Maeve Murphy

I've been a volunteer with the Volunteer Corps over the past 3 years.  I've always volunteered throughout my life. To mention a few: Cope in Cork, the Simon Community, Ogra Youth Association, Sunshine House, Clondalkin Helping Homeless, The Intercultural Centre in Clondalkin and The Towers Direct Provision accommodation.  
I regularly support the Volunteer Corps with local community events in South Dublin.  For me, volunteering is a true giving and receiving experience.  It's also very enriching and fun!

Emer Fox

Growing up in a large family there was always someone that needed help or something that needed doing, so from an early age I've always had the inclination to do what I can to help others.  People often ask me why I volunteer and my answer simply is I may not always be able to give money, but I can always give time.   I enjoy volunteering as it gives me the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life while helping out and hopefully making a difference. Giving up a couple of hours of your time may not seem like much but to the people you are helping its means so much.  

What I like about being part of the Volunteer Corps is that you don't have to commit yourself to a certain amount of time, you can just sign up for one-off events .  You will get an email notification telling you which events are coming up and you then have the choice whether its one that suits you to attend or not.  If you are trying to decide whether to become a volunteer or not, I say "Just go for it! It's one decision you won't regret making.

Daniel Collins

I first volunteered back in 1980 in Tanzania, where I stayed for four years fitting generators to hospitals and schools, whilst teaching apprentices. It was an amazing experience that changed my life and made me appreciate the little things. When I came back to Ireland I did some volunteer work with St. Vincent de Paul in Cork and also the Irish Guide Dogs.

I have been involved with the Volunteer Corps for just one and a half years and in that time the volunteering tasks have been very varied, from helping out at events such as the St Patrick's Day parade to International Basketball events.  It’s all good fun and my fellow volunteers aren’t that bad either.  Being part of a volunteering team is a very positive and rewarding experience and well worth the few hours of your time to help out others.
Remember it takes very little effort to make a big difference.  
Whatever the reason you can rest assured that you will get back more than you give.

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