The Corps’ experience with your organisation will have a lasting impact and will influence their commitment in the future so please bear in this mind.


Be at the project site early and ready to greet the volunteers.   Make sure your team is expecting the Corps to ensure a warm welcome. 

Usually volunteers are keen to get started on the project but we suggest providing a cup of tea and some biscuits  (perhaps while you briefly go over the project and tasks for the day.) Some volunteers may be unsure of their roles so it is a good ides to check in with them as they begin their tasks, making sure everyone is comfortable with his or her role.


Allow the volunteers an opportunity to get their bearings in a new environment. A short tour to point out workspaces and cover “domestic” arrangements is important e.g where coats and personal  items can be left, where the bathroom is, where the first aid box is located and where to get tea/coffee, arrangements for lunch etc…

Health and Safety

Highlight any safety issues, letting volunteers know if there are areas they shouldn’t access/enter.

Support and Supervision

It is important to be available on the day of the event to engage with the volunteers, oversee their work, answer any questions, offer support etc.  This is important in order to maintain clarity of roles throughout the day and to build a good working relationship.  Lunch and coffee should ideally be provided during the day and these breaks in the day often provide valuable opportunities to check in with volunteers and express thanks for their efforts.