Volunteer Corps Terms and Conditions for Organisations

The South Dublin County Volunteer Corps is a volunteer events program managed by South Dublin County Volunteer Centre.  The purpose of the volunteer corps is to provide large groups of volunteers to help at events in the county.  Roles may include community clean-ups, tree-planting, stewarding, crowd control, plus much more.

Requesting the Corps

By requesting the volunteer corps, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions of use. They do not apply to third party organisations. We reserve the right to change them at any time.

We will accept the registration of any not-for-profit organisations. This may include charities, community groups, co-operatives and statutory organisations such as health centres, schools, hospitals, etc. We may ask to see your constitution or set of rules and additional information we may need to clarify this. We will not register volunteer opportunities for individuals.

We will not advertise volunteer roles on behalf of for-profit organisations/businesses, unless a direct financial, social, environmental or other benefit towards the community or a non-profit organisation can be identified. The final decision to advertise any role will be at the discretion of the volunteer centre based on the requesting organisation fulfilling our terms and conditions.

The administrators of the Corps take responsibility for doing reference checks on all Corps members but volunteers corps members are not  Garda Vetting as the volunteering they are doing is not considered relevant work under the National Vetting Bureau Children and Vulnerable adults act.

Opportunities will only be recruited for if

  • You confirm that your organisation has relevant insurance cover in place for activities carried out by volunteers.
  • Where the organisation is adhering to Irish Equality Legislation.
  • It is a once off event as opposed to an ongoing opportunity.

Discontinuing our service

There are a number of grounds in which we may discontinue/refuse our services:

  • If it comes to our attention that an organisation is involving volunteers inappropriately in relation to the criteria detailed above the volunteer role may be de-activated.
  • Advertised opportunities may also be deactivated after registration if we become aware of the possibility that volunteers are being exploited or put in unnecessary danger.
  • Repeated breaches of our equality statement i.e. the organisation engages in, through their recruitment process or operational activities, direct discrimination or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, family status, religious belief or membership of the travelling community.
  • The organisation refuses to or cannot show evidence that its activities provide a social and community benefit.
  • The organisation abuses the involvement of volunteers e.g. replacing paid staff members or engages them in profit-making activities.
  • The organisation actively engages in unlawful behaviours or deeds.
  • The organisation misuses the volunteers private data the we have provided for individual events.
  • The organisation actively promotes anti-social behaviour towards governments, people, animals or property.

Note: These grounds can apply to an organisational culture or to a particular individual in the organisation who directly recruits, manages or co-ordinates volunteers.

Responsibilities of Organisations re: Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Please note that it is the responsibility of your organisation to manage the volunteers on the day of the event. We have no responsibility in relation to the suitability of any potential volunteer for any volunteer role. We also have no responsibility for the actions of any volunteer during any part of the volunteering process.

Use of Volunteer Data

Volunteer data obtained through the Corps may only be used in relation to the specific event they volunteer for and should be destroyed after the event.


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Limitation of Liability

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