south dublin county volunteer corps

organisational FAQ

Led by South Dublin County Volunteer Centre and South Dublin County Council, the South Dublin County Volunteer Corps is volunteer led movement of citizens of the county who make themselves available to volunteer at various events and/or emergencies in the county.

The volunteer corps will be contacted and mobilised to respond to extreme weather events as well as being available for large community activities such as St. Patricks’ Day parade, concerts, sporting events etc…

1.    Why set up the volunteer corps?

The notion of a county-wide volunteer corps was mooted originally in the “ideas campaign” run during 2009.  However, the idea became more focused during the bad weather events in Ireland, when many volunteers expressed an interest in “doing something” to help out  in their community but were unable to find a formal way of being involved.

Also, with 2011 being the European Year of Volunteering, we were hoping to create project in South Dublin County that would have a lasting effect after the year.

2.     Who has responsibility for the Corps?

The South Dublin County Volunteer Corps is a project run jointly by South Dublin County Council and South Dublin County Volunteer Centre.

3.        How does it work?

Local Community & Voluntary groups in South Dublin County will apply to the Corps in the Volunteer Centre for the services of the Volunteer Corps.  Once it has been established that the project has the necessary supports (including clear volunteering roles, insurance, co-ordinator), then the Volunteer Corps members will be contacted (by text and email) to inform them of an upcoming event.  Once the members of the Corps say they are ready and able they will be informed of the place, contact person, roles and times etc…

4. How can I apply for the Volunteer Corps for my project?

Your can register online directly by going to or you can contact us at the volunteer centre for a hard copy of the application form.  Our contact details are below.

5.  What type of screening do we do for members of the Corps?

We will be taking up 2 written references for each member of the Corps.  At the moment we do not envisage carrying out Garda Vetting of all Corps members as vetting is only required where volunteers are doing relevant work as defined by the vetting act.  We envisage the projects just to be a few hours duration so, in our opinion, there is no vetting required in this instance.  However, the onus will be on the organisation that is involving the Corps to ensure that volunteers are not placed in situations where they are individually alone with children or vulnerable adults. 

6. What type of work will the Corps do?

The Corps is being set up to respond to various extreme weather events as well as responding to calls for large groups of people to volunteer at community events such as concerts, environmental events, sporting events and community events. Roles may include community clean-ups, tree-planting, stewarding, crowd control, snow clearing plus much more. It is expected that much of the work will be outdoor and include some physical activity.  It is important to note that the Corps will not be asked to engage in any fund-raising roles for organisations.

7.        What is the age profile of volunteers?

The minimum age for joining the Corps will be 18 years.

8.        What does my organisation need to do now to involve the Corps?

Fill in the application form for the Corps  online.  Please note, we do need at least 2 weeks notification in order to mobilise the Corps.

Once we have your application, we will get in touch with you to ascertain that certain requirements have been fulfilled.

These include:

    • You must have your own insurance in place to cover the work of the Corps. Normally, public liability insurance will cover such events but please check with your insurers. South Dublin County Council and South Dublin County Volunteer Centre will not accept any liability out of claims arising from the Corps being involved in a public event.
    • There needs to a central point of contact person/co-ordinator for the Corps who they will report to on the day of the project and who will oversee their work.
    • There must be a clear project and role descriptions for the work of the Corps.

Once all of these requirements are fulfilled, we will contact the Corps.  A week before the event, we will forward you the number of people who will be involved and their contact details.

9.        Is there anything else I should think of?

Just bear in mind that if you are involving the Corps in an event, you should arrange some time before the event to meet them and brief them on their work (on the day will be fine).  So when filling in your application, please remember to pencil in time to brief the Corps on their roles on the day.

10.         Who do I get more information from/answer to?

The Corps is a project of South Dublin County Volunteer Centre and South Dublin County Council.  The volunteers will be managed by a staff member in the Volunteer Centre who will take both applications from organisations for the Corps and inform members of the Corps of upcoming projects and events.   Other supports in terms of funding, HR support will also come from South Dublin County Council.

The Volunteer Centre staff will be more than happy to respond to any requests from your organisation for further supports in developing volunteer roles and implementing good practice in managing volunteers.  Check out our website for details of our volunteer management training and for articles on volunteering.

Friends of St. Cuthberts
The support of the Volunteers for our event was brilliant and without them we'd have struggled to manage all aspects. They engaged with the organisers, the local community and activity providers. A big thank you from all those involved in organising this. They were professional, enthusiastic and committed to the event running smoothly. They made a significant contribution to the success of this event.
Richard Costelloe
- St Cuthberts Family Fun Day
Irish Kidney Association
Thank you once again for your support on Saturday. We got great feedback on the day, and since, and you and your team were integral in us delivering a great experience for all.  I cannot over-emphasise the value of a team of competent and committed volunteers – you, and your team took on the marshalling of the course as soon as you identified it as an area of need and it meant that I could focus on other areas.   You have a great relationship with your team of volunteers and your spirit clearly enthuses all involved! Please continue what you are doing as you are making an appreciable and appreciated difference
Colin White
- Irish Kidney Association
Sportsworld Terenure charity 5 mile
We need a certain numbers of volunteers in order for the event to be allowed to go ahead. All volunteers were well organised, efficient, able to take direction and also work away on their own. It's a pleasure working with the volunteer corps. this is the second time we have used the service and we find it to be hassle free and all volunteers so well organised and briefed.
Grainne Lynch
- Sportsworld Terenure